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There are a number of reasons to consider when it comes to replacing your windows.

Substantial savings on your heating and cooling costs.

They’re virtually maintenance-free, which eliminates painting/staining costs, along with saving your precious time.

Vinyl offers a limited lifetime, transferable warranty that is usually much longer than wood, composite, or fiberglass windows. 
This is due to vinyl’s long lasting strength and durability.
The difference in personal comfort can be substantial (especially with Triple pane windows.)

No need to hire professional window cleaners, as most styles can be cleaned safely from the inside of your home.

Triple pane windows are very quiet, greatly reducing outside noise.  Relax in peace!

New windows enhance your home’s value and curb appeal. 

New windows with multiple Low-E coatings, can virtually eliminate the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on your furniture, floors and other belongings.
Will replacement windows really pay for themselves?

If you select high performance, triple pane, energy-efficient windows, your windows will help “payback” your investment.  Over time, you can realize savings with lower heating and cooling bills.

Most Homeowners can experience a 15% to 40% reduction in their heating and cooling costs.  Actual results can vary depending on a number of factors, whole home energy reduction strategies such as attic insulation and air sealing along with ultra high efficiency replacement windows provide the best results.  We think that most Americans agree energy prices will rise (some argue quite dramatically) in the future.  With that being said, when the time comes to replace your windows, who wouldn’t want to use the most efficient units possible?

Regardless of where you live in the US, having more efficient windows will only help to ensure your year round comfort.  As energy costs continue to rise, you will be further “insulated” from feeling the rate hikes.

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